Monday, August 1, 2011

I'll take "things that are amazingly awesome" for $1000 Alex!

Answer: This girl!

Question: What is who made it though a weekend alone sober????

I DID IT!!!!

            I made it though this weekend sober. But I kept busy! Friday did a few errands here in town and then went home. I was in bed by . It was kind of peaceful. When I woke up Saturday morning I got busy right away and moved my stuff out of a storage unit into my new home, which took most of Saturday and Saturday night as well. Sunday it was off to church, lunch with family that was back in town, and then more moving stuff where I want it in the house until I got Kelli back, and then it was just relaxing.
            The only trouble I did have was Sunday afternoon when I was unpacking I came across paraphernalia, which was hard; I stood there for like 10 minutes trying to figure out what to do. I didn’t want to touch it; I didn’t even want it in my house. But sometimes when you are unpacking the past things come out to bite you. I didn’t want to call my family and ask them if they would get it out, I am sure that if I called them they would have, it’s just embarrassing  to ask them to come take care of stuff from my “past”. But after just standing there I picked it up, put it in the trash, put the trash bag in my car and drove to the gas station and put it in there dumpster. Probably a little over-kill but it maybe me feel better.
            But I would have to say that I did prove to myself that I can handle being alone and that I can find ways to keep my self busy and/or just be alone…I do have to say it was peaceful…I am glad that I got I faced that fear and it is done! But needless to say I am proud of myself! I am ready to tackle something else if it comes my way!

P.S. Thanks to Laura I now have a sober counter on my blog!

Thank you all for your comments and support!!!!


  1. I am so proud of you! That really is a great accomplishment and I know you can keep it up if you keep trying. =)

  2. Yay!! You're doing this Brandi! So the weather has to start cooling down soon (please lord it must!) which means we should start thinking what you'd like to do for your photoshoot :) Something good and fun to look forward to, right?

  3. I'd say you did good, but you already know that!

  4. Can't be too careful - would preferred if you had taken it outside, stomped on it for half an hour, put it in a bag, reversed back and forth over it in your SUV, then taken it to the incinerator and watched it burn baby burn!
    That would make me feel better.

  5. YAY! I am proud of you too! And I don't think driving it to the dumpster, I think its symbolic because it says you know that stuff is trash and is not longer part of your life.


  6. Whoo hoo! So awesome to read this!