Monday, July 16, 2012

I am so sorry everyone!

OMG! Life has been busy and I have not been blogging! BUT although I do not comment on them I really am reading your blogs. I promise that I am working on a blog, it is a hard one to write and I am finding it very difficult. But I promise as soon as it is done I will have it up.

On a good note! The fourth of July I celebrated 21 months clean! YAY ME! lol :)

But honestly can I just say that I am not the only one slacking on this blog Josh hasn't wrote anything either. Yep totally going to throw him under the bus on this one to!

Just wanted to say hi...everything is ok...just really really busy!

But I will provide proof that we (well at least Kelli) is still alive. On the Fourth of July Kelli went to get her hair "trimmed" I am one sad momma.

See her beautiful long hair?!?!?


It's so short! Although it is cute and I am getting used to it! Mommy did not want it that short AT ALL!

And of course Kelli thinks it is great fun to go around telling everyone that it was mommy's idea! But let's be clear about was not my idea...someone, not naming any names KELLI, could not hold still during the cutting process which caused a little more hair on the floor! So the lady kindly evened it out while I was on the floor crying asking for super glue (ok, ok, not really but I did think about it)