Friday, August 12, 2011

It's almost time!

So Kelli starts Kindergraten next thursday (8/18/2011), I am getting pretty sad/excited (still conflicted) so I was going though all my pictures that I have of her on my computer so I though I would share :)

Kelli's 1st birthday

Kelli when she was 2

Kelli at 3

Kelli at 4

Kelli's first day of Preschool

Pre-school picture taken the day she turned 5

Kelli's first lost tooth (this was a picture I recieved in prison)

Easter 2011

Spring Pre-school pictures

And for the finally picture what she decided to dress her self in the other day!

Wow my baby is getting so big! She is so ready for school, I don't think mommy is though!


  1. Look at that beautiful little miracle. What a beautiful smile she has. :o) I loved seeing those pictures.

  2. You made a beautiful creature! She has wise eyes... and sort of looks like a mini-adult, like you can see what she'll look like when she's older, and I'm not just saying this cos you're her mum, honestly, it looks like she'll be a stunner, maybe a bit Reece Witherspoon-ish?

  3. My daughter just had a baby girl of her own! These pictures made me get out the album (remember those..LOL) and look at the pic of her first day at kindergarten.

    Before you know it, she will be a beautiful woman.
    Luv the pic where she dressed herself:)