Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Ok, So I am extremely upset. I know I shouldn’t be, I know that this is not my life. But it still erks me.

The other day I posted that I took a friend to rehab. This was on a Sunday. Well this morning I was on my way to work and I see said friend driving done the road, I called his wife and she told me that he WALKED out after ONE day! What the hell?!?!?

Ok, so have of me, my addict side is saying well yeah that makes sense. He didn’t want to do it for him; it was for the court, his family, etc.

The other half of me, my “normal” half is screaming you stupid a** m*****f***** what the hell are you thinking?

I told his wife when I was on the phone with her that I love her and that I hope everything works out, but while he is in his addiction and hanging around the people he is I can not come to their house and hang out with them, if his wife wants to meet me somewhere that would be fine. But I can not put myself in that situation.

I feel very bad for his wife, but at the same time, well I don’t know what I feel I have many emotions going though my mind right now it’s not even funny.

This is not my sobriety or my life, why am I so upset?

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  1. My guess is that you are upset because you care about your friend, you are a compassionate person and therefore are frustrated like anyone would be. Its hard not to be. Unfortunately you have to work on your sobriety AND on not letting your friends recovery be your problem. But you can do it.