Friday, August 19, 2011

I am liking this school idea!

           So it is Friday. I am so glad; I am ready for this weekend. Tonight it will be Kelli, me, and a friend of mine’s mom. We are just going to rent a movie, eat some pizza and relax! I am looking forward to this. Then Saturday Kelli and I are going to get our pictures taken. A friend from high school is going to take them for us, she is such a great photographer, and I really can not wait to see how they turn out. Sunday will be a day of church and relaxation.
            So today I was able to stay a minute and watch Kelli get on the bus! At first I wasn’t to sure about this thing they call school (lol) but then bed time rolled around last night! Bedtime usually consents of

Mommy: Ok lets pick out a book its bedtime

Kelli: But it’s not dark outside

Mommy: Kelli that’s because there is a light in our front yard, come on

Kelli: Fine I will get in bed but I’m not going to sleep

And so on you get the idea, I also have her getting out of bed 5-6 BILLION times before she goes to sleep, and then at around 3 in the morning she will crawl into my bed, and not just in my bed but in the morning I wake up to her ON me! Yes laying on me, let me tell you it is hard to breathe when you have 40 pounds on your chest. (I will have to say-and if anyone tells Kelli I will deny it! That when she doesn’t crawl into my bed I miss snuggling with her-again I will deny it!)


Bedtime last night went something like this:

Mommy: Ok lets pick out a book its bedtime

Kelli: Ok mommy

Mommy: *thinking I am having a heart attack AND a hearing problem* Your ready for bed?

Kelli: Yea I am really sleepy, kindergarten wears a person out!

Mommy: *thinking ummm yea wait tell you get to be an adult* Ok baby lets go!

I read her a book give her a kiss and hug goodnight, cover her up, turn her nightlight on and away into the living room I go.

10 minutes later I start thinking I don’t hear anything, Kelli hasn’t got up to ask for anything, I wonder what she is up to? I get up, I go check and what to my wondering eyes do I see? My child sound asleep! AND when I woke up this morning there was no child in my bed, I will say that I was worried and thought maybe she was on the couch, nope she was still snuggled in her bed sound asleep.

So I have decided that school is not that bad at all and I was happy to send her off this morning.

Mommy: I love you have a great day at school *thinking go child run off all that energy!*

Kelli: Ok mommy I love you go make me money at work (<- yes she really says this!)

I love my child, she can be a….. (What’s a nice word for pain?) Just kidding Just kidding! But I love her! Being a sober mom is much more rewarding then being a “not in my right mind” mom. I can actually remember stuff that she does and says and I am interacting with her.

Life is great for the first time in a long time!

I hope that everyone has a great Friday and that your weekend is full of joy and laughter!

What Kelli made ME on her first day of school.

Kelli (in the middle) waiting for the bus this morning with her cousins!
The cousin on the right of her is in her class
The cousin on the left of her still has 2 more years until school-she is not happy that her big sis goes!

Kelli and cousin getting on the big yellow bus!

Ok, I am going to be honest! I followed the bus for a bit! Just to make sure that the driver was driving safe!


  1. Love that you followed the bus :0). I have several pictures of my boys getting on the bus when they started school. Your little girl is a doll.

  2. The first time I let Lu ride her bike to a friends house, I followed at a distance. Following your 5 year old's bus, or bike riding 10 year old, is what any mother worth her salt would do! Good job mama!!

  3. I feel so bad I had to miss out on pictures this weekend. I would have greatly preferred it if Jarell hadn't gotten so sick and been stuck in the hospital all that time, but we will definitely reschedule. Love the new pic of Kelli getting on the school bus!

  4. I smiled the whole time reading the good night ritual, brings back memories. Its so nice when they actually fall asleep and stay asleep, its sort of a miracle :)

    You're a great mom and Kelli sounds like such a fun girl to have as a daughter. :)