Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day Nine: & More from Josh!

Today I am thankful for Josh! He is such a great friend in and out of recovery! I know that if I am having a problem with anything big or small he will be right there to listen. I am so proud of him for reaching his year clean! And I wish nothing but greatness for him!

From Josh:

Today was my first "birthday" in recovery, I've been clean for a whole year now. Though we take one day at a time, sometimes it helps strenghthen our recovery just by taking a look back and seeing how far we've come. Today, I am a completely different person than who I was a year ago. I've accomplished a lot of good things, met many new wonderful friends, and developed a growing relationship with my Higher Power. It's ok to be proud of our accomplishments, and I'm proud that I've made it this far in my recovery. But with that pride, comes the knowledge that I didn't, and couldn't have done it alone. The choice to turn my will and life over to my God was my foundation. By being honest about my addiction, I was able to learn what I needed to change in my thoughts, actions, and all that comes with living. Without the willingness to want to change, none of these first two would have probably been possible. Even after a year clean, by looking back, it's helped give me a fresh shot of willingness to continue changing and moving forward in my recovery, and life. Trust me, I was no where near perfect in my recovery, and still have a lot of work to do. But the beauty of being in recovery is that I realize that I can always better myself, and continue seeking a better relationship with my God. I'm still an addict today, just like I was my first day clean. Remembering this every single day is one way I start each day, and allows me to know that by following God's will for me, and not mine, I can stay clean today and keep growing. It's amazing to have been clean for a year, but even more amazing is that I stayed clean another day. By living this past year one day at a time, I allowed God to work in my life, and lead me to some amazing people and places to support me and show me how they stay clean. It works....but only if you work it. I like how it works for me, so I'm gonna continue working it today in my life. I've found that by being open-minded, so many opportunities and blessings have come my way. So my "birthday" present to myself today is I want to keep doing the things today, that have helped me stay clean and become a better person.

Congrats Josh!

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