Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day Eight:

I am thankfully for my best friend in the whole world! To be honest she is my sis!

We are 2 totally different people, sometimes we both wonder how we made it together for so long. I am pretty sure because she brings my inner happiness out no matter how down I feel!

She is: Perfect! Loving! A great mom, wife, friend, sister, person. She is the good girl, do what needs to be done right and when. She is what I have always wanted to be! She is my inspiration and the one I can come to when I don't want to be judged. She is MY best friend.

I could not ask for a better friend no matter what we think or do we are always there for each other!

We have been best friends for 18 years! And I am looking forward to another 18+!

I love you Deb!

And for a little old school here is a picture of us when we were younger (way younger!)


  1. My sis is my best friend too! Thanks for sharing this, love the pic. Which one is you and what is the age difference?

  2. I should have probably worded that different lol. We are not sisters. We have just been best friends for so long that it feels like it! I am 27 (the one with blonde hair) and she is 26 (the one with the glasses).

  3. We were about 9 or so in the picture!

  4. Oh, well those kind of sisters are just as good as the other kind! I didn't think you too resembled each other much :)