Thursday, November 3, 2011


Ok, so S and I are living together. Although I do love him and am grateful for what we have and how he treats Kelli and I. I find myself (sometimes) being resentful. I want to have my space. Also although I did not like coming home to an empty house and I like the aspect of S being there with my all the time, I find it more difficult to have "me" time.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  1. You have to talk about it with S. Being resentful is not healthy for a relationship even for mine and I've been married over 35 years.

    Having separate and outside interests is not unhealthy. In fact it allows you that "me" time.

  2. We are trying to work it all out so that we don't have any resentment. I really think that my problem is learning to live with someone again. Other then Kelli (and my parents-but that was when I first got out of prison) I have not lived with anyone in 4 years!

  3. Ron is right discuss this with S...Seperate interest is healthy. I have been married 38yrs and we both like different activities and love to see the other go and enjoy what it is that makes them happy. That is what love wants. The other to be happy.