Thursday, September 29, 2011

Please help!

Blogger family I need your advice!

Kelli is not listening or behaving at school and in all honesty here at home either.

I have tried everything; taking things away, early bedtime, extra chores, spanking, and yelling. Nothing is working! I don't know what to do!

Any and all advice is welcomed and appreciated!

Side note: I understand that this is my fault because in the past I didnot make her listen or really care (sad but ture) just now I feel hopeless and like I am drowning.

Thank you


  1. No quick fix is out there despite what all the books say. Negative consequences do not work in all circumstances. My experience, at this age she wants attention and to please in spite of her behavior. Positive re-enforcement of acceptable behavior will work but it will be long struggle because it becomes a battle of wills.

  2. LOL, do you realize you are asking for parenting advice from a bunch of parents of addicts. Ever give it any thought that we didn't do so good the first time! LOL

  3. LOL! Awe you guys did great! It was US who messed up!

  4. B didn't act out much but more kept everything inside which I think was worse because I didn't realize there was a problem until he 14. I worked a lot and although I felt I spent a lot more time with him then my own "single Mother" did (she was an amazing Mother but worked a lot)for my son it wasn't enough. He needed me a little more just doing simple things. My younger son is very vocal when he is upset which makes it so much easier for me but he also keeps himself busy and occupied and doesn't seem to have the same needs B does. I have to beg him to spend time with me!

    All children are so different and if taking away things doesn't bother her as it NEVER did B (one time we stripped his bedroom and took of the door and it didn't change a thing)then maybe you can try to have a couple of special nights with her a week doesn't have to be going out it could be renting a movie, playing games, etc. have you spoken with her and explained that it hurts you when she does (example) because you feel she is hurt and isn't telling you?

    I don't know, obviously I messed up on the first one and thought I would do better with the 2nd one since they are 7 1/2 yrs apart in age but the 2nd one is totally different! So hard, just keep trying until something works.

  5. I just read what Ron wrote lol that is pretty funny you are asking advice from POA's!