Thursday, September 15, 2011


To ANYONE that needs ANYTHING!

I have my email set up to go directly to my phone. So if there are recovering addicts out there reading this and you need to just talk to someone or anything email me and I will write you back, my phone is on me at all times.

My e-mail address is

OR, if you know me and my number feel free to text or call at anytime.

This not only goes for the recovering addict, but anyone that reads my blog and needs to talk to someone I am just a call, text, click away!


  1. Hey. Been reading your blog from beginning to end & love it. I am so glad you're doing well. Happy regular b-day & also happy early 1 yr sober anniversary. I think you will be getting an email from me cause I sure could use someone to talk to. Thanks so much for your blog & your compassion. They have both helped me a lot.

  2. Mare- Feel free. My e-mail comes straight to my phone, so I will always be able to get back to you quickly!

    God bless