Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

So it was Labor Day weekend and it was relaxing, fun, and well great. We (I’ll talk more about the “we” in a minute) really didn’t do much, just played with the kids and made sure that they had fun.

Friday: After work we took the kids to the fair and had a blast, spent way too much money, but the smiles on the kids face was worth it. Poor Kelli got scared; she wanted to ride this ride called the Rocket. I probably should not have let her ride it but I don’t like to hold her back or baby her. So her and I got on it, when the guy shut the door she said “Mommy, I’m not to sure about this” I asked her if she wanted off and she insisted that she didn’t because she “wanted to try it”. As soon as it started she was screaming (not the horrible crying screaming but the I am having fun but REALLY scared screaming) it was kind of cute but then at the same time I wanted to yell and tell them to let my baby get off, but I have to let her try things right? As long as I am there beside her to guide, help and protect her? See this is the part of parenting that I am not sure of.

Saturday: We woke up early (ok not really early but earlier then I wanted to be up lol) to a fire truck blocking off our road, I guess they were getting ready to have a parade, so that was fun. Then my real dad came down to see us, that I was only the second time that I have seen him since I have gotten out of prison. It was nice and we had a nice conversation then he took us all out to Dairy Queen. Then after dad left we took the kids swimming for FOUR hours, thankfully out of everyone I was the only one to get burnt. Then we came home and snuggled on the couch and watched movies it was nice.

Sunday: We go to church then go over to my grandma’s and have lunch then just relax.

Monday: We did absolutely nothing and it was GREAT!!!!!

Ok, now onto the “we”, I am dating someone, he is a great guy. He treats Kelli and I both extremely well. He is also a recovery addict. It is nice to have someone by your side that understands and has been there. Not that my friends and family are not supportive, but thankfully they have never been there. For the time being we will call him “S”, I don’t want to use his real name until he is more comfortable with this blog thing. He knows that I have a blog and he thinks it is great and is very supportive.

But anyways, other then all this nothing much has been going on and it has been great! No drama just a life that I am living and will be living forever.

Oh and Sunday was my 11 months. 1 more month and I have made it a year. That is such a big accomplishment for me and I am so proud of myself.

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  1. Good for you Brandi. I am so glad you had such a great 3 day weekend. A year birthday is a big accomplishment.....just keep taking it one day at a time.