Friday, October 14, 2011

Time Management and Schedule's

      Another post by Josh:

      Last night we were talking about our busy lives and how we need to get back on schedule.

      We thought this would be a great topic for other recovering addicts!

      So here is Josh's take on it and I totally agree!

       A good friend and I were discussing how we schedule our time, and have to adjust with new responsibilities and things that come up.  To start off, this is one of the great blessings of living a life in recovery.  Yes, sometimes it is stressful, and it may seem like there is not enough time in each day to accomplish everything; but when we realize that we are actually trying to accomplish so much it is truly amazing.  In my active addiction, my scheduling and time management centered around using, or getting more drugs, and not worrying about other responsibilities that cut into my "using time."  Quite a remarkable change in my way of living. 

      One of the suggestions I've learned from recovery that has helped me the most, is remembering to keep my recovery first.  This in no way means that I have to spend the most time doing recovery related meetings, readings, etc.  What it means, is that all of the responsibilities I have to manage today, are from my recovery.  If i don't stay clean, then I will not be worried about my job, school, spending time with my daughter, exercising, and simple chores around the house.  My addiction took precedence over all of these things and much more; it ruled my life and decisions.  Today, I do my best to remember that being in recovery and staying clean is what allows me to even have so much to schedule and manage. 

      There is no magical formula of how we must schedule and manage our lives.  We are all unique and different, and each of us have varying responsibilities and things that are important to us.  The key is doing your best to find a balance that works for you.  Whatever works, right?  I've found that scheduling my days, not only helps me accomplish more, but reminds me that I can only do what I can today.  I just give my best effort with each day, and do what I can.  For me, I begin each day praying, and reading from the "Just For Today", which is a recovery based daily devotional used by many 12 step groups.  I learn that I can make the most of my time by multitasking some things.  When I'm doing school work, I just throw some laundry in and go right back to my school stuff!  When I have my daughter, she likes to exercise with me, so not only am I getting my exercise in, but also spending time with her.  For me, my friends are all in recovery, besides family members.  So I get to look at hanging out with them or going to meetings as two things; working on my recovery and spending time with friends.  These are just some of the things that have worked for me in my recovery.  We each have to decide what works best for us, and will help us stay clean. 

       Even writing this blog for an amazing friend, accomplishes more than one thing.  It's helped our friendship become stronger and closer, it helps me in my recovery, and allows me to give back what I've been given.  I can only hope that this post will help even one person in their recovery/life, and that is the miracle of one addict helping another.  I wouldn't be where I'm at today, without all of my friends in recovery and the support they give me. 

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  1. Brandi:

    Thank you for sharing these wise words from Josh. I am going to copy his post and send it to my son who just entered treatment again and is three weeks sober. I know he will appreciate it.