Monday, October 31, 2011

I feel like a slacker.

As far as this blog goes, I am the worlds worst blogger every! I have not been keeping up to date.

I feel like I am in chaos, trying to figure this new way of life out all over again. I was good where I was at, and then new things kept getting added to my life.

I understand that things have to change and I know that things can not be GREAT 24/7.  But can this world give a girl a break? Lol!

In all seriousness everything is going good. Last night I put Kelli's hair up in curlers for her costume today and then did her hair this morning so that she could have it ready when it was time for her school party.

 Tonight Kelli, S, and I are going to the town that his kids live in and taking all 3 (Kelli and his 2) trick or treating.

Tomorrow (hopefully) I will upload those pictures.

Everything is going good. Work is good. Life is good. And God is great! I have had a few rough spots but I talk to friends and my sponsor to get me though.

Although it can be very stressful I am happy with where I am.

I hope that everyone has a great Halloween.


  1. Hey I'm being a slacker too! I'll have it ready by tomorrow though, gotta get to a meeting, then going to Pathways to do some service work. Happy Halloween.-Josh

  2. Did she sleep in those things??? What a cute kid! I'm glad you are here. There are no blogger rules that you have to post so often....when ever the mood strikes is good enough. :o) There are no musts in Alanon....I would assume in the rest of recovery that applies also.