Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Having a WTF moment!

Ok so S and I are laying here playing on our phones. I am on cafe mom (I love that site by the way) and he is reading news articles.

From him I here "huh" he turns to me and says "Dr.Murray (Michael Jackson's Dr that is on trial right now) is only facing 4 years if he is convicted"

That gets me upset!

I have a 10 year back up for drugs!

He KILLS a man and he only gets 4 years! WTF!!!

Now don't get me wrong, I know what I did is wrong and I take full responsibility for it!

But why does a drug charge carry a bigger sentence then murder?

Maybe its just me but I feel there is something very wrong with that!

Not to mention when I was in prison, a mother who sexual abused and killed her 3 kids got out a month before I did after only serving 5 months!

How is this right?


  1. I hear you loud and clear on this, sometimes it feels like there is no justice and our legal system is totally messed up. It can be incredibly frustrating! There is definitely something wrong with this picture!

  2. It is disgusting. B's bail was 100,000k that was a WTF moment...more than a child molestor, rapist, etc. WAY MORE. We wouldn't have gotten him out that isn't the point. I can't believe he is only looking at 4 years which will be cut down a minimum of 50% but probably more since it is here in LA and people are only serving 10% of their sentences.

  3. We can only worry about ourselves, and do our best to stop comparing our actions, experiences, and consequences to others'. When we do this, we will always find WTF moments, and is a way to justify our actions bc someone else has done something worse. Also remember, that we never get the whole story about someone else's situation. I've got enough to change and fix about myself, I can't be worried about how my life compare's to others.(trust me, I still do sometimes!) I just try to catch myself in these thoughts and focus on what I can change.

  4. Its not right and it gets me riled up too. In fact, don't get me started....