Thursday, October 20, 2011

Here Today!

Each Day A New Beginning

This was yesterdays, I forgot to post it, but I loved it so I am posting it today.

October 19
One of the conclusions I have come to in my old age is the importance of living in the ever-present now. In the past, too often I indulged in the belief that somehow or other tomorrow would be brighter or happier or richer.
-Ruth Casey

            How easily our minds jump from the present to the foibles of the past or our fears about the future. How seldom are our minds on this moment, and only this moment.

            Before we picked up this book, where were our thoughts? We need to practice, with diligence, returning our minds to whatever the experience is at hand. A truly creative response to any situation can only be made when we are giving it our undivided attention. And each creative response initiates an even more exciting follow-up experience.

            All we have of life, all that is can offer us here, now. If we close our minds to the present, this present, we’ll only continue to do so when the tomorrow we dream of now becomes the present. There are no tomorrows.

I will let go of the past and the future. My only reality is here, now. God’s gift are here, today, right now.

This is true for addicts. When we were in our active addiction trying to get out we would look to the future. When this happens or that happens we will get sober. If everyone would quit stressing me out i wouldn't have to get high/drunk.

But then when we become recovering addicts, we look to the past a lot. Like Josh posted here (More From Josh) we think of all the bad things we have done and think that they are a hindrance. I don't believe that anymore. I think that if we overcame all the bad stuff that we did in our past and we have became sober we can climb a much bigger mountain and became what we were made to become. Rather that is a doctor, lawyer, teacher, trash man, McDonald's manager. It doesn't matter we are here TODAY, thankfully, so why not make the most of TODAY!

Just for today, I will overcome my past and be a better me!

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