Friday, December 16, 2011

New Hobby!

Ok, so something that they suggest when you get into recovery is a hobby or something you enjoyed doing before the durgs that you no longer had a chance to do.

So I love to read but it gets boring at times.

BUT I have a new hobby, one that Kelli and I can do together! Do-It-Yourself projects!

Last night Kelli and I did our first one!

Is that not the cutest ever! Kelli totally did the whole thing, well I hot glued the caryons on, but she picked which ones go where and melted them. She was proud of what she did and so am I.

I enjoyed it greatly and so did she.

When I get off tonight we are going to the craft store to pick out more supplies for a DIY project.

Kelli is so excited and so am I.

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