Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Write about it.

Today at work is slow. So I decided to finish up my 3rd step…after I finished it up after working on it for over a month (my poor sponsor). I decided to check out today’s Just for today.

May 9th, 2012

Write about it!
Page 135

"We sit down with a notebook, ask for guidance, pick up our pen, and start writing."

Basic Text, p. 30

When we're confused or in pain, our sponsor sometimes tells us to "write about it." Though we may groan as we drag out the notebook, we know that it will help. By laying it all out on paper, we give ourselves the chance to sort through what's bothering us. We know we can get to the bottom of our confusion and find out what's really causing our pain when we put the pen to the paper.

Writing can be rewarding, especially when working through the steps. Many members maintain a daily journal. Simply thinking about the steps, pondering their meaning, and analyzing their effect is not sufficient for most of us. There's something about the physical action of writing that helps to fix the principles of recovery in our minds and hearts.

The rewards we find through the simple action of writing are many. Clarity of thought, keys to locked places inside of us, and the voice of conscience are but a few. Writing helps us be more honest with ourselves. We sit down, quiet our thoughts, and listen to our hearts. What we hear in the stillness are the truths that we put down on paper.

Just for Today: One of the ways I can search for truth in recovery is to write. I will write about my recovery today.

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I have a journal that I write in almost every night. I love to write about things that are bothering me. It really does help to just sit down; just you, paper, and pen. You get the thoughts out there that you can’t voice. You can figure out why you are feeling the way you are feeling. As well as being able to go back on your past writings and look at how far you can from just a few short months ago.

Whenever a friend or family member approchs me with a problem, more times then not the phase “write it out” is said.

I love how free you feel after you have a good writing session. Not all that I write down makes sense to others, but it makes sense to me!

I would recommend to anyone (addict or not) if you have never tried to write it out, try it! You never know what something can do for you until you try it.


  1. I completely agree with writing things down to make sense of them. I recently bumped into an ex that I hadn't seen in two years - a lot of feelings that I hadn't let myself feel in a long time came flooding back - I went home and wrote her a four page letter about how I was feeling. I never sent it, but it helped me work things out in my head about how I truly felt about her.
    You have a remarkable blog! You're an inspiration :)

  2. Martin- That's great! I am so glad that you are able to do that and feel better! Thank you so much for your comment!