Thursday, May 17, 2012

Well, we made it!

Today is Kelli's last day of kindergarten, at 11:06 she will officially be a first grader. WOW!

*Yes, I have cried today, mainly when I was putting her on the bus for her last day of school! Ugg I am going to cry again*

I can not believe how fast they grow.

I am so proud of her, I can not express how much.

There are time's that she annoys me and I look at her and think, Really?, there are time's (ok alot of them) that she doesn't listen to me and thinks that she knows it all (I have no idea where she gets that).

But all and all my baby is a good, sweet, loving, and charming girl.

She has more of me in her then I would like to admit. BUT I hope that it is more of the good then the bad.

I have hopes and dreams for her, like all parents do. I just have to remember not to push to hard for her to be more then me, or she will run the other way.

I am having a hard time with that here lately.

Kelli's last kindergarten report card. Look at the bottom! Placement for Fall 2012-Grade 1!

Kelli getting off the bus on her last day of school.

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