Friday, February 24, 2012

A Stolen Idea

Mary Christine over at Being Sober has a blog post up called A Tiny Grateful List. Although I haven’t been blogging I have been reading everyone’s post. It at least keeps me (in my mind) from feeling like such a slacker.

I have been having trouble balancing and coming up with things to be grateful for, and reading Mary’s post made me wake up and think “just because you are having a bad day (or for me a slump) doesn’t mean there is nothing to be grateful for."

So Mary I stole your idea, I hope you don’t mind.

My tiny grateful list:

·        That my daughter loves me no matter how “mean” I am.

·        That my family and friends are there no matter what

·        That I have a “friend” that understands and makes me feel not so stupid when I talk about my feelings and makes me comfortable no matter how uncomfortable I feel, even if I am in the shower

·        That my sponsor is amazing and gets me

·        That I can have a crazy moment in front of a co-worker and he just laughs at me

·        That I have a job

·        That I have a God that will never turn his back on me

·        That no matter how crazy I drive that my "friend" will still ride with me

·        That my bills are paid

·        That I have 16 months of sobriety under my belt

·        That I am loved by many

There is so much more that I am grateful for, the hard part is remembering them even when you are down.

What do you have to be grateful for?


  1. Word up, I like this young lady. And so true.

  2. Taking time to deliberate each day gives us time to appreciate.

  3. So good to see your name pop up....and that is a beautiful gratitude list. :o)