Monday, March 18, 2013

Recovery doesn't happen all at once; it is an ongoing process, sometimes a struggle.

Sharing in meetings is sometimes a difficult thing for some to do. Should I sugar coat it to make it sound like life is happy, happy, happy, and everything is good? Here the past couple of weeks some of my friends in NA have been talking about the sharing in meetings. So when I read the Just For Today this morning, it put a lot of things into perspective.

“Sometimes the most positive message we can carry is that we are going through difficult times in our recovery and are staying clean in spite of them!”

You know that is true! When I am sitting in the meeting and I hear someone sharing about something they are going through, that I have been through in the past and could not imagine going through now that I am clean and staying clean, it gives me inspiration. Their message is hope. Hope that I too could stay clean through that situation. If we are equipped with the tools of the program, we can walk through such turmoil and stay clean to tell the tale.”

NA’s message is hope. At least that’s what I get from NA. Hope that I can live a life worth living clean!


Just for today: I will honestly share both the good times and the difficult times of my recovery. I will remember that my experience in walking through adversity may benefit another member.


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