Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Coping with death

Death is something that is really hard for me to deal with, in all reality I usually just don’t deal with it at all.

There are many deaths in my life that I still have not dealt with and that I covered up with drugs. I no longer have that option. So now that I am clean how do I deal with them? How do I cope when someone so close to me passes away?

How do I come to terms with the possibility of losing someone that growing up and even now I never thought would “leave”?  How do I get over the guilt of not being around this person because of my own stupid issues?

How do I deal with the deaths in my past? The sick part is I have resentments against the people who have died. I think that is easier for me…to be mad at them instead of just dealing with it.

How do you just let someone go?

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