Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Josh is back...

...and with a great message :)

I have a CHOICE on whether or not, and how I let others affect me.  I have no control over how they act or what they say; but I DO have freedom to CHOOSE how I react. 

It all starts with me, I'm an addict and no better/worse than anyone else(addict or not).  Especially when sharing with other addicts(even more so with newcomers), I must try my best to stay humble.  Lest I never forget where I came from, may I never have to go back. 

In sharing my experience, strength, and hope with others; the message of NA and recovery is rendered moot when I talk AT others and judge their choices.  In seeking my Higher Power's will for me, staying open-minded, and accumulated recovery (reading the literature daily), I'll better be able to share my message in a clear manner to others.  Thus, leaving it their decision to listen/not without feeling judged by me/others. 

When I get away from the Basics, my message becomes mixed(sometimes saturated) with MY will, not my Higher Power's, and doesn't carry the message of recovery that NA stands for.  As a member of Narcotics Anonymous, I have not just a responsibility, but also the blessing for every opportunity to share with others seeking recovery.  Not only does the message I share with others provide opportunity to give hope for the still suffering addict, but it strengthens my recovery when I practice the NA way and follow my Higher Power's will. 

I may not be able to share anything that will make another choose to attend NA or seek recovery for themselves; but I certainly can avoid saying things that may push a still suffering addict further away from seeking recovery.  My voice and actions are my most powerful tools.  I should stay conscious of these, and learn how my Higher Power guides me and wants me to use them. 

"My gratitude speaks, when I care, and when I share, with others the NA way." -gratitude speaks from NA


  1. I think of the dignity of life as life on your terms unencumbered from the using and stress of active addiction. I cannot speak personally but I imagine it must be great. I make those assumptions from watching my son.

    Be strong, keep up the great work but most of all take care of that beautiful little girl.

    ps.: Fall Festival 2012 is coming up in October. You better get a better calendar this year. ;-)

  2. I will so be there this year :)