Monday, April 9, 2012

Gifts of Recovery

By: Josh

     One gift of a life in recovery, is that I can now choose to "start fresh" at any given moment of my day.  If my morning isn't going well, I don't have to let it ruin the whole day.  At any point, the past is done; over with and unchangeable.  Even 10 seconds ago! 

     Staying aware of this newly found reality, can allow me to avoid my old habits of the F-its and staying in my funks; which slowly keep getting worse the longer I'm in them.  I have to live for today, and right now.  

     I can look into my past as a means to learn how to change my future and not repeat mistakes; or as a way to look at my "negative" behaviors/actions.  This does not give myself a license to look at my past and dwell on it and fill myself with regret, shame and guilt.  I can also glance into my past as a means to see what has worked well for me in the past in situations.  This can become especially important in my new life of recovery; going back to what's helped keep me clean, and face life in positive/productive ways. 

     These kinds of reflections are a great tool to help keep me motivated in my recovery and to continue pursuing more that recovery has to offer me.  I need to stay open-minded and teachable; constantly doing my best to keep learning and putting into practice new ways of living.  I just find what works, and leave the rest.  It's really that simple, and this is a simple program. (Addicts just have a knack for complicating simple things, lol) 

     I've found, for me; that giving my will and my life to my God/Higher Power and continually seeking a stronger/closer relationship is what works for me. This is what the program suggests, and I can tell you it's working for me in my life.  When I let go (of everything: the past, control, my will) my Higher Power can guide me to live TODAY, and stay clean for another 24 hours.

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